PATH is a Miami-based 501(c )3 organization that uses Hip Hop culture to advance scholarship, community involvement, leadership and entrepreneurship in underserved communities throughout Dade county.

From the PATH website:


PATH, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. We are South Florida’s pioneering Hip hop education organization specializing in history, philosophy and the 5 main elements of Hip Hop (DJing, MCing, B-boy/girling, Urban Art & Knowledge). Our work challenges the negative stereotypes and destructive behaviors often associated with Hip hop culture.


In 2008, The PATH HipHop Summer Academy was presented by Miami Light Project in partnership with Scratch DJ Academy. Teens from all over South Florida connected to learn, create, heal, serve and build lifelong relationships across generations. Since then, we have worked with community partners to train the next generation of Hip Hop artists, leaders, scholars and entrepreneurs in schools, community centers, treatment facilities and the streets. With generous support from public and private donors, the PATH Hip Hop Academy has expanded to include Spring, Summer and Winter programs.


Youth ages 13-19 learn creative, technical and entrepreneurial skills directly from Hip Hop industry professionals, practitioners and pioneers. In addition to the 5 main elements of Hip Hop: DJing (Music & Technology), Emceeing (Creative Writing & Music), B-boying/girling (Dance), Writing (Visual/Urban Art) & Knowledge (Knowledge of self + Hip Hop history and philosophy), the experience encourages teamwork, improved self-esteem, critical thinking, leadership and the application of Hip Hop’s “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” attitude to achieving personal, professional and educational goals.